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About Me

Aprilsnow Vanessa Xano


General Info Name Jan Guns

Address Beekveldstraat 4
B-9280 Lebbeke

Date Of Birth 20 april 1970, Dendermonde

Height 184 cm

Weight 145 kg

Eyes Grey-blue

Hair Blond, very short

Status Living together with Vanessa since 1999.
Xano joined the family in 2004.

Hobbies Music I like almost every genre, but the ones that I love most are soul, funk and motown.
I guess you already know my favourite artist: Prince, also known as The Artist Formerly Know As Prince, TAFKAP, (right, the symbol) and a lot of other names.

Children With a whole team of people, we organise holidays for children during the school holidays.
We also train people who are interested in helping us out during these periods.
You can follow a basic training at the age of 17 and perform a stage in the same year.
I can recommend this to every one: children are fun to work with.

Handball I have been playing handball since the age of 10. We train twice a week and play 1 match during the weekend.

Squash I used to play squash twice a week, but again, due to limited resources of time I don't play it anymore.

Movies I used to go to the movies every weekend, but due to lack of time, these visits have become rare.
My favourite genres are science fiction, action and humour (a mixture of these would make a nice one, wouldn't it).

The pub Abondance in Dendermonde. I used to sit (drink) there every evening (night), but now my family sees me a bit more :).
I'll have to go back one of these days, because I'm starting to miss my old friends.

Beer I just love Belgian beers, especially the special ones. My favourite beer is Hoegaarden.
There's one like it brewed in the US also, Celis White. If you don't know it, find it and taste it!

Education Economics I studies economic sciences with informatics.
Graduated in 1989.

Informatica Non-university studies at B.M.E. Ghent to pursue my 'happiness' in informatics.
Graduated in 1992.

Work Mazda Motor Parts Europe I have been working at Mazda Europe since 1992.
Mainly programming on the mainframe (Cobol, RPG, Sapiens, CSP,...)
Since 2004 I have been evolving to a Java environment.

Cars VW Golf My first car, bought with some money earned during the holidays.

Toyota Celica Model '86 One of my dreams came true... I just love the Toyota Celica line.

Toyota Celica Model '89 Upgraded to the newer model, due to a total loss in an accident.

Mazda 6 As the Toyota Celica was completely worn out after 13 years, I needed a new car.
With a baby on the way, we needed a bigger car, so Mazda was an obvious choice, as I work for them.
Luckily the Mazda 6 just came out and it was a very nice model!